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apple juice or orange juice? Apple juice.
bar soap or body wash? Bar of soap. In my opinion, pussys use body wash. (Don't ban me for that. .:bites nails:.)
vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla. I hope we're talking as in ice cream.
coke or pepsi? Coke baby!
original or sour cream and onion? Neither. Oh okay, original.
red or blue slushie? Red. I don't like the blue stuff very much. Even though the red tastes a little like medicine, it's better than whatever blue stuff is.
spring or fall? Agh! Fall. My 2 favorite seasons and I had to pick either/or. :(
democrat or republican? oh no. This one I am so border line on. I guess I'm a little, teeny, weency bit more Democrat than Republican.

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